Historical tracking


Would be great if there were an option to “retire” page variants and track them historically. So later I could backpedal and see exactly what changes were made over the course of the page’s life and what the improvements were with each change.


I really like this idea and we’ve had some discussion about it pretty recently. One of the biggest features we’ll be working on in the near future is “Undo” for the editor which will ultimately include some form of auto-save and history management.

That’s something Google wave does very well - letting you play back the creation of a wave and watch how all the elements of it were created and changed. It would be very cool to see something like this alongside a conversion rate so you could see the correlation of each change compared to your conversions.


Currently, when you “discard” a page, it’s kept in your list of discarded pages. You can still see their historical performance, and you can view and compare them. Vitaliy, have you run a test and tried discarding a variant?

That said, I agree there are better ways we can show you the information!