Hide My Page From Search Engines...?


Why would I check the box ‘hide my page from search engines?’


Hey Laurie!

Good question :relaxed:

When you enable the “Hide pages from search engines” option, the page is not indexed by Google and other search engines, so it will make it virtually impossible for you to receive organic traffic.

Although this can be a useful option in some scenarios, like multistep forms, I would recommend leaving that option unchecked if you also want to receive organic traffic.

Hope this helps clarifying things. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate it ask :wave:


Hi Laurie!

You may want to use this option if you’re using duplicate landing pages per marketing channel (web, print, radio, tv etc.) or, if you’ve published a landing page that still isn’t complete.

In most cases, we leave that option “on” to allow search engines to index our pages :slight_smile: