Hidden value to store which facebook addword is causing the lead


I would like to know how you are tracking wich facebook add in one campaign is bringing more registrated forms. I use the FB pixel and i add in the thank you page but this is for the all the ads in one campaign. I can see the stats in FB for each add but i find that the metrics in FB and the leads generated (registed form, for example) does not coincide

What ways are you using to correct this?


Hi Oscar, 

Based on what you are describing, one way to solve your issue is to use hidden fields. 

When you are creating your form add a few extra hidden fields to it like: utm_campaign , utm_source , utm_medium or the less common ones like utm_term  & utm_content

After that, every time you are setting up a different Facebook ad and/or campaign make sure you update the URL you’ll be using for the ad accordingly. 


Ad I: https://www.awesome.domain/?utm_campaign=leads&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=cars&utm_content=red

Ad II: 



The Unbounce page and form will automatically pick up the UTM tags so when a lead does come in, you’ll be able to tell if it was from the ‘red’ or from the ‘green’ ad/campaign as per the example above. 

You’ll also have the added benefit of being able to break down these results in Google Analytics for post campaign analysis. 



Thanks for the thorough breakdown, Hristrian! 


Thanks for the thorough breakdown, Hristian!