Hidden fields not included in POST?


Hidden fields are missing from my POST data. How do I include them?

For instance, when I POST a form submission via the WebHook, and then view that data, it includes all of the filled-out fields on the form, but is missing the pre-filled hidden fields, which are very important. They ARE mapped, and even if I create custom fields that use the hidden ones, they still do not show up.

Thanks for any help!


Hi Corey - Hidden fields that are mapped should push over via webhook. I created a quick test page and tested it via Request Bin and my hidden field mapped over (you can see a quick video of the test here).

If you’re still seeing the same issue, can you shoot us an email at support@unbounce.com with the page in question, so I can dig in further?


Thank you very much - I actually just spoke with Dustin about this, and the solution was to use lowercase names for the hidden fields. Until I used lowercase names, the hidden fields did not come over.


Glad we were able to get this figured out, Corey!


Hrm–not sure why that was the case. Casing shouldn’t matter (in that example I gave my hidden field is “Hidden”). But I’m glad to hear Dustin got it working for you.