Hi. why my site dont open without "www."? Change this problem pls!


hi. why my site dont work without “www.”? solve this problem pls!
www.doscom.kz - work! doscom.kz - dont work!


www.doscom.kz and doscom.kz are two different domains. You have only setup the www. domain version in unbounce and you can’t setup doscom.kz in unbounce, I was trying to to that before also.


Realy? Why its very important for me! Why you great company not slove this problem?! I am disappoint!


Hi Aidos and Henrik - once you have your www CNAME record set-up, you can create a second record so the naked domain works as well.

Keep your www.doscom.kz CNAME record as-is and then add an A record for doscom.kz that points to Once that’s set-up and propagated, you’ll see doscom.kz pointing to your Unbounce pages as well.

Here is some more info on the set-up as well: http://support.unbounce.com/entries/3…