Hi,Why does Google analytics and Unbounce's analytics, show different number of unique visits and page views on my website?


I integrated google analytics and it is working. However google shows the number of unique visitors to my site to be 26 while unbounce shows only 12 unique visitors.Why is that so?


Hey Ishan,

If you’re seeing discrepancies in analytics, this can usually be attributed to differences in tracking methods.

For example, Google Analytics uses script based tracking whereas Unbounce’s tracking is server based.

In the chance that this could be attributed to something else , I’ve opened up a support ticket for you so we can dig in and have a closer look.


Hey Lou,

Thank you for your quick response.It would be great if you could look into that.

On a separate note, Facebook shows 3 conversions/leads on their ad webpage which i am running. However Unbounce has not reported any conversion, since i did not receive any lead notification e-mails. I know this might be a question for facebook, but do you know why this is happening?



Hey Ishan,

I just took a look at your page, and it looks like Unbounce is also reporting 3 conversions/ leads - the same number that Facebook is reporting.

Let me know if you need me to send you some screenshots of your dashboard, I’ll attach them to the support ticket we have open.


Hello there,

Same problem here! We’ve got a couple Unbounce pages which we connected to our GA account. I can look at the numbers and other trackingdetails, but unfortunately the numbers are very different from what Unbounce claims.

Does this also have something to do with different tracking methodes? Can someone help me arrange this so everything tracks on the same way?

Thanks a bunch!


Hey Stephan - It could be! But lets open up a ticket so we can make sure everything is setup correctly. Lookout for my email shortly.


Hi gang!

Can you add me to the list for a ticket too? I am seeing a lot of discrepancies between my Unbounce numbers and what my Analytics is reporting (30 visits to my Bottle-Options page vs 24 visits respectively, for the same reporting period).


Hey there! 

Same issue with mine…

Just today (up to now) Google accounts for 19 different users and 19 sessions, whereas Unbounce accounts for only 4! 

Could you guys take a look at this?

Many thanks!



Just an update: I’ve just come through this article about spam on Google Analytics… would this be the reason? If so, why doesn’t Unbounce track these spams? 

Many thanks! 



same here, when I created my unbounce page and had never shown it or advertised it to anyone, it already had 20 views from all over the world???


Hey David. I’ve got the same issue… it must be this “spam” stuff… have you got Google Analytics integrated? What are the origins of tour traffic? I’ve got websites like daroradar.com, buttons-for-website.com, sharebutton.org, etc. Have you read this article I’d posted above? http://moz.com/blog/how-to-stop-spam-bots-from-ruining-your-analytics-referral-data?utm_source=rss&a…

It would be great to have someone at Unbounce explaining this to us…



yes i have analytics and the numbers dont match


Yeah, absolutely! Google analytics has accounted again today 35 users for my landing page and Unbounce has accounted only 2!!! How come?!


Hey Everyone

I recommend anyone who is still encountering spam related issues send us an email: support@unbounce.com

Discrepancies and spam occurrences can to be unique as there’s an ocean of spam sources

We’d be happy to take a look and provide any insight we can.