Hi We are Pixeful Team and we create Unbounce Premium Templates


Last Month We Created 15 New Unbounce Landing pages, using new announced feature: Responsive layout. It’s simply awesome, we’ve made a lot of niche templates like:

  • Affiliate,
  • Startup Sign-up
  • LearningCourse
  • Agency, LaywerHelp
  • HomeRepair
  • Yacht/Cruise Service
  • FlightsOnline, Hosting
  • Marketing Promo
  • Beauty SPA
  • Payday Loans
  • Cargo, Software
  • Workshop

You can also view our Premium templates on Themeforest.net:

Kind regards, 
Pixeful Team


Hey Team Pixeful!

We’re big fans of your work over here at Unbounce; your templates  rock!  _Thanks for sharing this with our community. :) 


That’s is so nice to hear Justin. I would love to share my story or experience with you guys or customers as  well. 

I’ve also did a tutorial how to make Landing page from scratch in 10 Minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bft5rDZW24

it’s not maybe so voice quality… but still might be interesting.


That’s an awesome video, Alex! This would be super useful for those who are just getting started in designing templates. 


Hi Alex

How can I get in touch with you as we are keen to get an unbounced landing page built with a shopping cart and funky newsletter template?

Please advise

Many thanks



Hi Tom, yes we are ready to help you, just send your query to welcome [at] psd.la


I will definitely defenetely do soon  about how simple is to create mobile version and let you know :slight_smile:


I’ve send email to pr@unbounce.com - not sure i send it to a right department.


Hi Staff, I’ve send application short email to your company.
but what I get,  I think is default answer:

What we’re looking for is for you to create a new landing page that will
serve to replace a typical cover letter and resume.”

Maybe you are interested in my experience to work on you directly? I would be… :wink: