Hi, I'm trying to get the WebHook URL from Unbounce API. It's possible ? Regards, Pedro Vasconcelos


Hi, I’m trying to get the WebHook URL from Unbounce API. It’s possible ? Regards, Pedro Vasconcelos


Hi Pedro - right now you are only able to grab a page, that page’s statistics, and any groups/accounts/sub-accounts that it exists in, so you won’t be able to grab the WebHook URL via the API.

Can you give me some more insight into what you’re looking to accomplish? Once you grab the Webhook URL, what are you looking to do?


Hi Quinn,

Thank you for your message.

I have several landing pages, and for some reason some of them lost the webhook configuration.

I developed a cronjob that get’s the integrations for each landing page on the system and send and e-mail daily for the people on the team responsible for the campaigns.

In this report i want to include the URL just to make sure that all are ok.



Note: Please find attach an imagem of the e-mail.


Hi Pedro - we will be working on improving our API in the future, but as it stands, you won’t be able to grab that data via the API.

It is definitely strange that you’re losing your webhook configuration though. That should only happen if someone actively alters it. If you notice it happen again, can you give us a shout via support@unbounce.com, so we can investigate?