Hi all, we have a blog that is brining nice amount of traffic and I would like for this traffic to convert to dowloads


This is the post: https://getlogdog.com/blogdog/gmail-account-hacked/

I see that the average time of user on page is 4 minutes. 

I have added 2 banners, one in the middle ( content upgrade in yellow) and one in the end of the post (blue, with the phone pic) and a pop. Non of those seems to convert, at all!

Would love to get your help on this, and hear some advice on what I’m doing wrong or some suggestion on things that you have done in similar cases and have worked for you. 


Hi Mark. Thank you for your answer and the compliment!

Our app is notifying you if someone tried to hack your accounts, and the post is explaining what you should do if you been hacked, so I don’t feel it’s contradicting each other. 

Did you see our pop? do you remember what creative it was?

I’m wondering why you felt you don’t need our product after you read the post?
I was sure that users that already been hacked would like to protect themselves in the future, so it’s the perfect target audience. But something is just not working.  


Your post is so good and informative, that I didn’t need your software (not saying remove the great post though because that brings and keeps the traffic).
So maybe your ask is too much. Try lowering your ask to an email subscription which you already have… but give it more spotlight and nurture them via email.