Hey! Unbounce is looking for User Research participants

Hola Community! Pablo from Unbounce here :raised_hands:

Our Customer Marketing Team is conducting a small user research study, and we’re looking to recruit two participants who are Unbounce customers (ideally within their first 3 months)

The session will last 20-25 minutes, and we’re offering a $25 Amazon gift card in exchange for your time.

If you’re interested in participating and available between August 4 and 7 , give me a shout! You can either comment on this post below or send me an email to ‘pablo.penades@unbounce.com’.

We’re looking for 2 participants, and will close the comments here once we’ve reached that number (but don’t worry, we’ll be doing lots more of these in the future!).

Thank you!

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Happy to help. I’ve been using Unbounce for about a year - but probably only at the 3-6 month skill level :slight_smile: !

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Hey Pablo!

I’m interested in participating in this.
Manage this account and also colin@revinate.com with Unbounce.


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Hi Pablo,

Yeah I’d be willing to help’

Let me know when and what I need to do


Hi Pablo,
I am fairly new to Unbounce and would love to help!
I have been using it for only one month but the community has been really helpful to learn as much as possible in such short time, so I think it’s fair to be helpful too!



I’ve been an Unbounce customer for almost 6 years now. If you think I fit in your research, I’d like to participate.

Have a great day.

I’d be down! Started using Unbounce in May 2020 at my new job, just hit my 90 days. I’m free during those days. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for everyone’s willingness to participate! I’m closing comments for now as we’ve received enough participants for this study.

We’ll continue to post here for our next session so keep your eyes peeled :banana:

Happy page building!