Hey Marketers - Get Featured on the Unbounce Blog [Landing Page + Popup Examples Wanted]

Are you an ecommerce or SaaS marketer who uses landing pages or popups to generate leads?

We’re looking for examples of popups and landing page lead magnets to feature in an upcoming blog post. Your campaign goal might be downloads (of gated content like ebooks), demo bookings, contest participation, blog or newsletter subscriptions, discounts upon signup, etc.

Here’s what we need from you:
• Share a link to the landing page or popup (screenshots welcome, too!).
• Let us know the conversion rate for the page in question.
• Bonus points if you can share a bit of background on why your example works so well or the strategy that went into creating it.

Please reply to this thread or send me a quick email (emcat.bauer@gmail.com).

Thanks in advance!


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Thank Emily!

I know there’s a good amount ecomm and saas marketers in here, I’m excited to see their work featured on the blog :muscle:

Just want to add that if anyone is concerned about impacting their page views, you can send a link to your overview screen and the Unbounce team can make sure none of your stats are affected.


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For SaaS, this landing page has worked particularly well for us:
[https://app.unbounce.com/2506439/pages/3dc803e8-6804-4589-85a9-02d2556d4529/overview](http://CMO playbook)

I think it works so well because the LP is paired with a highly targeted campaign on LinkedIn Ads.
On LinkedIn we’re targeting SaaS CMO’s only, and the LP speaks to that persona directly.

CVR has been 28.45% from 1086 visits.


Based on conversion rate alone over a decent base, this page holds a whopping 44.6% conversion rate https://students.sofiri.com/ielts/ Traffic comes from Google Ads.

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Fantastic - thanks for sharing, Drew!

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That’s a great news @Emily_Bauer ! Thanks for sharing such an amazing point for the marketers.

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