Hey guys, Is something wrong with this Landing page? Appreciate feedbacks!


Hi comm members!

I’m mostly a lurker here, but my new landing page has been performing good after I got feedbacks from fellow people outside – I thought to ask you guys, Is there still I have to fine-tune my landing page to perform extremely well?

This is for lead generation for a content marketing SAAS startup, Here is my updated landing page http://launch.socialfrontier.com

Note – I don’t want you to think I’m here to advertise.


Hey @steveharrry nice looking page.

In terms helping you have your page “perform extremely well” I would need to know a few things beyond look and feel, if you want to share that is:

  1. What are the current conversion rates?
  2. How much traffic are you driving, daily?
  3. What types of ads are you running to the page - ppc, social, etc?
  4. How are the ads performing?
  5. Is the message congruent from ad to LP?

Some things to consider
I’ve noticed some inconsistency in copy. For example, in the hero paragraph you write “SocialFrontier”, but in the panel directly below you write “Socialfrontier” and in the third panel “Social Frontier”. I would pick one way to write the company name and stick with it.

In the third panel the heading “Why Your Business Need Social Frontier” should be “Needs” with an “s”

Also, in the third panel sentence copy left you have “You’ve to make your customer’s journey to be smooth” this is not grammatically correct. Should be “You have to make your customer’s journey smooth” or better yet “You’re customer’s journey should be smooth”. Also, this copy does not really stand out. If these are main points of benefit make them a list with bullets or icons, give them bolded headings, etc. And, the image on the left is vague, Put a screen shot there, or maybe and example, or testimonial.

In the 4th panel “How Social Frontier Works” you have written “Social Frontier” different again. The slideshow, video, what ever it is - in my opinion - is rather large and a bit slow. I would prefer to just have a list with icons, or maybe screenshots, or a diagram, etc.

The lower CTA, the last panel, I would center all copy above the button.

The CTAs - I would consider changing or testing the hero button “Get Instant Access”. What are they getting instant access to? Is it free? Make the action more clear. Also, I noticed when you do click and open the form there is copy there “Early Access” I would have that with the button, below or above. Sometime along the lines of “Get Early Access Now”. Add some urgency.

What’s missing?
I would add testimonials or examples to build some trust.

Explain the “incentive”, the early access etc. Help your visitors understand why they should sign up NOW!

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Thanks a lot for taking your time man. I am doing the changes as you’ve mentioned.


No problem. :slight_smile:


A few quick comments - agree with digibomb - nice looking page. Nice and clean - getting points across well.

I would try to do more with the first “above the fold” screen:

Headline: "Getting Started with Content Marketing? Try Social Frontier!" - good, says what and who it is for…

Struggling with traffic and leads? Want to make the most of your advertising dollars? Delaying could cost you money or your business." - i don’t think this is really doing much to sell - and takes allot of the text above the fold.

Our optimized content marketing will ensure you spend wisely and convert! - YES - more of this stuff!

your “What Social Frontier does” has some really good stuff as does “important features” . I would bring these up to be after “who uses” - even bullet point some of these on the first “above fold” screen. On first look at above fold, i could see:

it’s for content marketing
It’s for people new to content marketing
It’s new (exiting potentially)

What i couldn’t see: (i haven’t watched the video)

What is it?
What does it do?

this sentence hints at the above, but is buried in text a little: Our optimized content marketing will ensure you spend wisely and convert!

bullets of features and benefits would be really good i think.


lol - bit late to the party! must check post dates!


It’s never too late for good feedback! Awesome tips, Alex.