Heroku | No such app Errors on nearly every page view


We are getting “Heroku | No such app There is no app configured at that hostname.Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL.” on nearly every page view for almost 24 hours now. We urgently need help.


Hey Andrei, so sorry to hear you’re running into issues. We don’t use Heroku for hosting, so I’m guessing that perhaps your DNS needs to be updated to point to our servers? You can either post the domain you’re trying to publish your Unbounce page to here, or shoot our awesome success team an email at support@unbounce.com and we’ll get it all figured out…


This issue was resolved internally. It seems that we had a routing issue to the unbounce servers. Since Unbounce has a dynamic IP address, our servers did not catch the change in IP.


Glad to hear it got resolved Andrei!