Help with my first landing page for my new business


I am starting a new landing page for a business that has been growing for some time now. I’m pretty new to making landing pages so any help from the community would be awesome. The link is Thank you all so much for your help!!!


Hi Jonathan, 

I think your landing page  has many good elements! Headline, testimonials, brief description, etc. 

My feedback will be: 

  • I think it would help if your message is more specific, focus in one category and build a landing page for each category; business coaching,  personal development, etc.  You can do a keyword research in google adwords for free and check what type of coaching people look for.  Align headlines, testimonials and content towards that category. 

  • Enphasize the free session, it took me a while to realize this service was for free! Usually thats the most attractive part of the offer so I think it would help to make it more visible or repeat it more. 

Hope this works and good luck! 



Hi Jonathan,

I think you have all the right elements on the page.

Here’s a couple of pointers…

  1. Try reducing the length of text on your main form button, 2 lines is a bit long. Just keep it simple.

  2. Consider only asking for an email and a name, or a name and a phone, you can discuss other details at a later point.

  3. Check the mobile version of the page because it looks like there are a few elements that are not aligning correctly.

Hope that helps!





The copy has some English errors:
“If you these things in your life”

“New leaf, new goals” People say, ‘turn a new leaf’ but I’ve never heard a native English speaker say they want a ‘new leaf’.

I’d change the peoples photo’s to real photos, not ones from the unbounce libary. 

Make sure to change the site meta title.

Add a .ico file so it shows a little image in the tab description.

Rest of it looks really good.



Hello Jonathan,

Interesting website!

Here are my thoughts:

1.) Website of life coacher is and should always be enticing with all the combination of images and texts. Because you are attracting people to know more and understand more about life. Maybe posting a questions or a quote.

 2.) And life coaching is a broad topic and chopping it into pieces will give your visitors an idea of things about some aspects of life.

 3.) Maybe the procedure on how you facilatate the coaching is a nice one to be included in your website.

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Hope this helps!




Hey Jonathan!

Welcome to unbounce!

Quick tip:  A little white space goes a long way.

I found the panels to be a little cluttered and difficult to read. You should consider spacing out your panels & copy a little more. This will make more important elements, like your CTA, pop a little more!