Help with loading html, css, and images


I am guessing this is a really noob question but I have an html & css landing page built by designpax that I want to upload to unbounce and I cannot figure out how to get started on this.

I load the html into the custom area and loaded in the css styelsheet but am not sure of the following:

1, do I load all the html into one page section?

2, where do I load the images?

if I am just loading the images into unbounce directly, do I need to bother with the html and css?


Hi Gordon,

The HTML and CSS components in the Unbounce editor are really for adding in extra widget type elements to supplement your page features.

In order to construct your page in Unbounce, you’ll need to upload the images and build it using the editor. As you have a design and HTML page from DesignPax - you should start with a blank template and construct it section by section.

You start by adding page sections - for major vertical areas of the page:

  • header
  • banner or photo area
  • main content
  • footer

(Depending on the layout of your design).

The alternative is to have the DesignPax guys build it directly into Unbounce for you (which they can do for $100). This does mean that you wouldn’t actually need the HTML version.

But if you want to get the best experience of learning the tool (and you have some experience page construction) trying it yourself would be a good approach.

Let me know if you need any more guidance.