Help with landing page opinions


My landing page is not converting!

Any suggestions?…


Hi Daniel,

From which prior page or e-mail are people getting on your landingpage? The form at the page top seems quite aggressive to me. I have no real idea what your company is offering and you ask me straight to sign in for a demo. I would rather start with the USP of yout offer.

The screenshots seem to have a resolution issue and therefore look strange. The “small print” desription in the blue section is distracting from your message “Medgate is a robust Safety Management & EHS system used by 600,000 users worldwide.”

I wish you good luck with the improvements. I am pretty sure you’ll see results.

Best regards



Thanks for the quick reply Rolf. It’s a VERY niche market, I have been working for 2 months at this company and it’s challenging to understand this whole market. Have you heard about EHS and Safety Management ? it’s a software (similar to hospital software) that tracks and logs things related to Safety Management, so for ex. worker accidents in a mining site, if someone falls and gets hurt or some equipment gets damaged by an accident. They are getting through adwords. and the copy mentions that is Safety Management Software. If you imagine that you are a Safety Manager looking for Safety Management Software, are you still unclear what the software does?. I will make the changes that you mentioned! 


Ok, now the source for the landing page visits is clear to me. I would just focus on the uniqueness of your software and getting rid of details.

Good luck!



Thanks Rolf!!!


Looks like a great start! I might be able to shed a bit of light on this topic - I work in a similar ECM B2B software niche. 

Here are a few items to test/change that (most likely!) will affect your conversion rates:

  1. Conversion-oriented copy : Copy is typically the most overlooked part of the page.
    Instead of talking about the product - address the issues (“pain point”) that they care about. 

Here’s a good link on how to change up your writing style to help drive conversions.

2.  Page Length / Style : You’re asking for a huge commitment with that form and no value provided to the visitor on the top. You only have seconds to capture the attention of your viewer - make them count. 

Here’s an excellent resource on CRO:

In terms of design, we’ve found that bullet points help. Videos too.  
Example of our demo page:
(note: i almost never advertise a demo on adwords. We typically advertise niche focused e-books guides. Our users like to be nurtured, and can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to buy, so throwing a demo in front of them as a “first touch” doesn’t work for us.)

3.  Analytics** /Heatmaps**: I looked into the source code of the page - it doesn’t seem like any heatmapping or tracking has been set up. Tools like mouseflow or crazyegg can help you see where your landing page is leaking vistors, what they’re focusing on, or if just scrolling down the page and leaving. 

Also, with every change you make - test it! There are no hard and solid answers. Each industry/company/funnel is unique - try testing copy and page style to grab the lowest hanging conversions, then collect the data, analyze it, and optimize from there. 

Figure out what your users/visitors want - not what you want to give/sell them. Then make changes to the landing page and test, test, test. 


Hi Daniel,

A good first effort. I have a few thoughts that may help your page satisfy the searcher’s intent. It sounds like your hypothesis is that people searching for Safety Management Software know exactly what they need, and are ready to sign up. I would challenge that assumption and start with the basics.

Try backing up a step or two and think about a few things:

  1. Headline - If somebody becomes a “better safety manager”, what does that actually mean for them, for their company? What are the tangible or psychological benefits? That could make a more impactful, benefit-focused headline. Even something straightforward like, “Become A Better Safety Manager” is easier to comprehend.
  2. Sub-headline - Can you elaborate on the “more than that”? 
  3. Arrow next to your form - what are you going to “prove”? This might be a good place to reinforce the benefit(s) from your headline with a specific claim.
  4. A quick glance at revealed a pretty slick video. Can you use that on the LP?
  5. Double check your AdWords keywords - make sure you aren’t bidding on anything too generic or using Broad Match keywords. This could kill your conversion rates.
    Hope this is helpful. It’s not meant to criticize, keep up the good work!