Help Wanted ADYEN Javascript


Dear Unbounce Community,

I need help. I want to integrate a java script from payment provider ADYEN. (

My developers are not able to do this alone.

Who can help me? Of course I am able to pay a fee. I presume it is quite easy if you are familiar with it.

You can call me on 0031-654795354 or mail at


Hi @Joep_Lamme,

Just had a quick read through the linked documentation.

As with all payment processors, you need a back-end piece as well as the front end one (JavaScript).

In this particular case, you also need to build your own form, style it, add a bunch of options and validations to it, etc.

So what you think is a quick fix, can actually take weeks to implement properly.

I would suggest looking at other payment options/carts that have most of the infrastructure already built for you.