Help tracking conversions on HTML-embedded javascript form

We’re using a third-party donations processing form (Fundraise Up) embedded on an Unbounce landing page. I want to track gift completion in the donations form as the page goal, but I haven’t a clue where to start. We’re a small nonprofit without a tech team—help!

Here’s the page:

The embedded donations form is at the top with the “Donate and Support” button. Thank you!

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@kraup since you say you dont have a tech team, it will be much easier to track if you can redirect users to a thank-you page after they are done donating. Create a page with your thank you message first and then perhaps your donation processing form’s setting will have an option to redirect user to a thank you page after successful payment. Add the new page URL here… and you should be all set.

Thanks for your response Malik. There is indeed a way for us to redirect to a thank you page after donating. But that won’t talk to Unbounce’s goal tracking, which means we can’t use Unbounce A/B testing or Smart Traffic to optimize the page for conversion.

Is there a more nuanced way to do this, perhaps using javascript, that I could look into?

@kraup you could use the instructions on this page for external conversion tracking

This should work for your regular AB test but not for Smart Traffic unfortunately.
Will that work for you?


I second the use of external conversion tracking.

Also, Fundraise Up looks awesome. It functions so well on that page! I’ll have to keep that platform in mind :nerd_face:

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Thanks Malik! This was the solution we ended up going with.