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Hey there

I have a problem that I’d really like some help with please.

Last Tuesday I launched a PPC campaign on the Google Display Network promoting a business IT security solution, using Unbounce landing pages as the destination. I have two problems with it at the moment, well three, but two that I have a direct effect over:

1 - Low conversion rate (currently 1.27%, although the split test I ran is already helping)
2 - Low quality to useless form fill information - for this part of the campaign we’re offering a report in exchange for an email address. Everyone who has converted so far has given a personal email address, and increasingly it’s a trash email address

Here’s the entry point landing page -

I understand that two weeks isn’t really long enough to generate any serious metrics, but the client is very detail oriented and soon be wanting the detail of the responders.

This part of the campaign is an entry point into a nurture campaign that has five steps, delivered weekly, but I suspect at the end of the five weeks, I won’t have any MQL at all.

Can anyone give me some pointers where I’m going wrong please? I have spent literally days researching, reading ebooks, and watching videos on landing pages - but something is missing.

Any feedback would be massively appreciated.




Hey Mark! I’m glad you’ve reached out. I really hope some of the @unbounce-experts are able to chime into this here, as I feel that this is more their area of experience.

However, that being said, I can give you some small pointers in the mean time.

Firstly, you’re right, two weeks isn’t long enough to generate serious metrics for a campaign. If @Aagaard has a moment he could shed some light on appropriate techniques when you’re running campaigns.

Otherwise, upon landing on your page I thought the first message said “Can security make it more productive?” I would either spell it I.T. with the periods or adjust that text so that it’s not all in capital letters, just to avoid confusion.

Also, when you’re wanting people to give you their information, and when you’re educating them on security and password abuse, I think it’s very important to present a feeling of legitimacy. You’ve done a good job at including company logos on the website and it doesn’t feel “spammy”, but without a favicon the page looks a bit less legitimate. We’ve got some tips of how to add a favicon to your page here.

Furthermore, there is a lot of information on this page. Good information! But it’s a bit advanced. I’m not sure who your audience is for this, but “THYCOTIC SECRET SERVER” lost me. I think a bit less initial information would be a good idea, and then provide more detail after the user has converted. Too much information off the bat can often drive users away from converting, it becomes distracting at a certain point. You want the transition from landing on your page to converting to be as quick and easy as possible. However, if this is something that your audience will easily pick up, then disregard that tip.

We’re approaching the end of the week here, so it might be after the weekend that other folks can chime into this, but hopefully this gives you a tiny bit to go off of. Happy Friday!


Hey Mark,

Here is some constructive feedback for your page…

  1. First off, from reading your post, you might have a traffic problem. You mentioned Google Display Network. Have you tested other traffic sources? I would test Google search traffic as well as Facebook traffic to see if it’s the audience or the offer that is the problem. Often, it’s not the page but the traffic source and we don’t realize that until it’s too late.

  2. The way the offer of the ebook is presented on the page is a bit too subtle. When first visiting the page, I didn’t realize you were offering a free ebook. I would change the layout to one of the more typical ebook opt-in pages, where the cover of the ebook is presented above the fold. People want to see what they’re getting. Here are some great ebook templates from Unbounce to use as inspiration. If you want to be sure that your offer is clear, go to and do a “five second test.” Ask 10-20 people to tell you want the page offers. Until you’re getting 75% of the answers as “free ebook” or “book about internet security” or something like that, then you’ll want to keep refining the message and the way the offer is presented.

  3. The headline is a bit vague for an ebook opt-in page. Instead of phrasing the headline as a question, try phrasing it as a statement of what you’re going to get out of the ebook. For example: “What Your I.T. Team Needs to Know About Password Security.” I know this is a severe oversimplification, but simple is better, especially if this is cold traffic entering the top of a funnel. You can probably come up with a way better headline, but try sticking with that format of “what you need to know about…” or “X ways to do…”

  4. For the actual opt-in form area, consider encapsulating it into a box. This will allow it to stand out more, and will allow you to also add another headline above the form, which would re-enforce your call-to-action. A great example of this is seen in many of the examples on the Unbounce ebook landing page templates category mentioned above.

  5. Add some testimonials, with photos of people who have read the ebook and can share what they’ve gotten out of it. Try to have a different testimonial from each of your main personas.

  6. Add some trust logos. Is the client affiliated with any security organizations? Have they worked with notable clients? Trust logos can add a lot of credibility to the page.

  7. Cut out a lot of the non-ebook related text on the page. The sections that talk about the secret server for instance are only going to confuse people, because if this is truly just about getting them to opt-in for the ebook, then they’re not ready to learn about that stuff yet. It’ll come later as part of your email nurture process I’m assuming. Often times, we try to sell our visitors on too many things at once. This page should be all about one thing: The ebook. You can replace some of the text with more stats from the ebook, or an outline, or some more images. :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpful. It’s a bit off the cuff because it’s midnight on Friday night, haha. :slight_smile: But if you have any questions at all, please ask away. Always glad to help, and thanks for sharing your campaign with us here in the Unbounce community.


Hi Jess

Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is really appreciated.

I will look into the favicon. That’s one area that I have missed completely.

What you’re saying about the additional information is very interesting. Our target audience is security IT professionals, albeit people who we’re trying to offer education to. I never considered that I might be offering TMI. Its inclusion was supposed to offer further qualification of the prospect, but judging from the results so far it doesn’t have much of a bearing on things.

Sounds like it’s time for another split test.

I’m replying now on my iPad because I don’t have my work laptop handy, but I will re-read your post on Monday morning and create a new version of the page.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Hi Nicholas

Thanks for such a comprehensive reply. The thing that stands out is that my current one-size-fits-all landing page approach has missed the mark, and certainly given me something to think about. Thank you :slight_smile:

As I’m replying on my iPad at the moment, and if I’m honest a little bleary eyed too, I will re-read your comments on Monday when I’m back on a real computer, and in a better position to apply some thought to the page format. Plus I’d like to reply to each of your points.

Thanks again for your time, especially so late on a Friday night.

Have a great weekend.


Hi @Mark_Weatherill. You’ve already received great response from @Jess and @Nicholas.

Just wanted to share some thoughts on the traffic source (Google Display Network, GDN). In our experience display ads perform very low. In general GDN will generate a lot of traffic, but the quality of the traffic is equally poor. It does not convert well, and the ones who do are often of poor quality. All this combined will give your client a high CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) compared to what other traffic sources might give you.

In fact, we always filter out traffic from GDN and rely on e.g. AdWords traffic when we conclude our A/B tests. The GDN traffic “pollutes” our test by lowering the average conversion rate, making it take forever to conclude tests.

In our experience there also seems be a correlation between ad size and quality of of traffic. The larger the banners, the poorer the quality. It’s almost like when ads are bigger people can’t help themselves and simply have to click.

I would consider trying Google AdWords and Facebook ads as suggested above :slight_smile:


Hi Finge

Your feedback is very interesting, and appears to be supported by the incredibly low quality of our ‘conversions’ so far. I am about to jump on a call with the agency we’re using for the PPC, and I will be asking about the GDN, and why they chose to work within it. I suspect the answer is budgetary.

I’ll update this thread afterwards.




Will be interesting to hear what their experience is :slight_smile:


Without going into huge amounts of detail, I’ve spoken to the agency and requested we switch our campaign away from GDN and onto the search network. The reason they gave for choosing GDN was volume, and they are concerned about cost per click. So that’s a good start.

For the rest of the suggestions, which I really do appreciate, I am evaluating how I write my landing pages because I think I become a little lost.

In fact, I’ve already created a new ‘report’ landing page and based it on the ebook suggested format.

So, once again thank you for your suggestions. I’ve printed them out and they;re on the wall above my monitors. I won’t forget again.




That’s what we’re here for! :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping us in the loop with all of these updates, Mark. It goes a really long way to hear about the results of each update. I look forward to hearing more from you in the forums here! Reach out any time.