[Help Pls] Implement CSS Style to form


Hey guys,

I’m absolutely newbie to UnBounce & CSS and already read around 15 articles without getting the idea of what to do :frowning:

Main Question:
How to implement CSS style to particular form & fields withing this form?

As I can see each form has it’s own

  • ID: #lp-pom-block-12
  • Class: .lp-pom-block

so, if I want to change all fields withing the form, I should use the following code:

#lp-pom-form-299 .input {

But it doesn’t work,

Thank you in advance.


Hi @pl.bor!

If you are looking to change the input, here is an example of what I have been using:

	#lp-pom-form-370 .lp-pom-form-field .text {
  		font-family: Roboto !important;
        border-bottom: Solid 2px #D8D8D8 !important;

I hope that helps!


Hi @Caroline,
Thank you for your reply.