Help! Organizing a landing page with numerous resources a user can choose


Hi! We’re trying to create a new landing page that has three different “categories” a user can choose then 3-5 different options in each of those categories. ie: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, then inside level 1 you might have Intro to XX, Beginners Guide to XXX, etc. with 3-5 options in each level. Does anyone have any designs and/or best practices for these types of pages? Much appreciated!


Hey @nancy.robles!

Are these paid suscriptions/products? In my experience, less is better. You might want to consider AB testing different packages/features all while keeping them a little more brief. This will give you enormous value since you’ll be in a position to know what people tend to prefer. Make sure you have proper tracking in place (for example, Facebook Pixel if you’re using Facebook Ads, cart tracking, etc.)

If you can give me a breakdown of these packages, perhaps I can give you more specific advice in regards to design.

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Like @Jonathan said, need a bit more information about these “packages” are they all on the same page? Are you moving people to other pages?

There’s lots of cool things you can do. We’ve done “choosers” before.


Hi Jonathan! Thx for the reply. I actually have three high level categories “Trading Guides”, “Forecasts”, “Other Guides” that are all free e-book type of guides. In each of the categories I have numerous ebooks to choose from ie: Beginners Guide to Trading, Intermediate, Advanced, etc.

We definitely have proper tracking in place but I’m beginning to think we have way too many choices for the user on the actual page.


@nancy.robles I definitely think that having 9+ options might be too much. Would you consider targeting your advertising and limiting each landing page to 1 category with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced as your options?

The great thing about landing pages is that they allow you to get as granular as possible with your audience. Think of your landing page as your ultra-focused sales pitch instead of your “website”.

If you were face to face with a prospect, and you had 30 seconds to make them take an action, what would you say to them? Surely you will not have enough time to properly position 9+ options.

On the other hand, if you know a bit more about this prospect (interests, problem they have, demographic), you might focus your 30 seconds on one single solution, making a stronger case for it.

Keeping that in mind, are you able to segment your traffic by people who are more likely to be interested in Trading Guides (as opposed to “Forecasts”) for example?

If you’re running email marketing, perhaps you can give them that option in your email (“Trading Guides”, “Forecasts”, “Other Guides”, etc).

If you’re running Facebook Ads, perhaps you can run 3 different ad sets to the same audience, driving that traffic to 3 different landing pages. This way, you’ll get to see which ad gets the highest click-through-rate, relevance score, and conversion rate.

All in all, the more you segment your traffic and adopt a personable dialog with your audience, the more success you will see, guaranteed.

Would love to help you more if you’re willing to share more about the source of your traffic!

Have a lovely day/evening,



Thanks so much Jonathan! Totally agree and I’ll do my best to convince others internally. Appreciate your feedback!


It’s a pleasure, here to help! :slight_smile: