HELP! No HTTP response for Adwords & Analytics Conversion tracking!


I am having problems with both my Google Analytics and Adwords conversion code. It is showing that there is no HTTP response, which means the code is not executing - which is messing up my conversion rates. Any idea what that means??? Or, how I fix it???


Hi Bambi,

There’s a good explanation of the No HTTP response issue in Google’s Tag Assistant forum here.

Bascially, it means that Google’s detected your conversion tracking code, so it’s there, but it’s not executing.

There can be a number of reasons this might happen but first up, double check that the code is copied perfectly and hasn’t been tweaked. Second, Google has both HTTP and HTTPS specific versions of that tracking and you’ll want to make sure to use the HTTP one.

If you check this and still run into any issues, let me know and we’ll open a support ticket for you so we can dig in.


yes i am having the same issue


Hi Anil, 

Based on my experience it’s usually this partof the forum thread, Ryan referred to that is causing the issue. 

Check whether you are using HTTPS script on a non-HTTP landing page or vise versa.