[HELP!] Issues converting for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Business

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
We need to increase the % of people converting to this page, we haven’t had any conversion so far.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
PPC and Social Media Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
Our conversion goal is to get people to contact us to learn more about our services.

4: Paste a link to your published landing page / popup: :point_down:
We just worked on this new design, one for kitchen and one for bathroom:

I would start with the headline. “Bathroom Design & Remodeling Services” is generic and what all your competitors advertise. What headline can you craft that communicates an emotion for the viewer? Make it big and bold with a subheadline to back it up. Tell me what I am getting and make it enticing. Put the form up top so I don’t have to click I can just fill it out if I want. If I want to read more I will then scroll.

Ask yourself, does my landing page looks interesting or enticing? Would I call this business? What do I want to see if I am starting a remodeling project? Then clearly walk the user through the experience of working with you and how you make it easy and effortless. Leverage your free consultation in the hero section. You can add dropdown fields to your form that help prequalify leads also like “When will your project start” and “What is your remodeling budget” “What type of design style do you prefer?” This also helps get consumers vested in the process.

Showcase your work better with more images, think lightbox and better section copy.
Communicate inspiration in your sections not just listing what you do. How are you different and unique?

Your LP is practical but not inspiring. Sell the dream, the before and after and show and tell the customer how you are the best option for their needs.

I think the pages look nice and the text is easy to read, so that’s good. I think the messaging is where you’re coming up short.

Let’s start with the hero section. You only have about 5 seconds to convince a user to continue on the page or lose them right off the bat. Simply stating what your company does, usually won’t do that effectively, especially with a generic offer like contact us.

Try to get into the head of the person landing on this page. What brought her here? What was her motivation? What are her pain points? Where is she in the decision making process? What are her expectations, concerns, etc.?

When you’ve determined all this, then try to craft a more specific, benefit-oriented message and offer that matches the intent of the ad that brings people to the page. You may even want to create a few variations it your ads reach people at different stages. For example, people in the problem aware stage may respond better to an offer for remodeling ideas and inspiration where as communicating your unique value proposition could be better for solution aware prospects.

Changing the call-to-action is a simple change that could have a big impact. Contact Us is so generic. There’s no benefit, no excitement and no expectation as to what happens then. When writing your calls-to-action, ask yourself “why?” Make sure you give a good reason to take the action your asking.

Why should someone contact you? What’s in it for them? What will happen when they do?

You have an offer for a free consultation, but it’s buried at the bottom and only mentioned once like it’s an after thought. Why not make that your call-to-action throughout. Or better yet, test that vs. other offers to see what works best.

The middle sections are also too generic. Heading like Floors and Testimonials are merely labels. Add value and context. What about the floors and testimonials. Imaging your having a conversation and use language similar to that. For instance, Testimonials could be something like “Your neighbors give American Homes Construction rave reviews” or anything along those lines.

I would also rewrite the copy to focus on the prospect rather than company. Look how many times you use “we” vs. “you.” Make it all about the user.

The main part of your pages should move people to taking the action you want. So instead of just listing out features/capabilities, you want to build excitement, reduce friction and add urgency. One good strategy is to sell the offer rather than your product or service. If you offer is a free consultation, make the page all about that. Tell people what they are going to learn and experience and how it’s going to help.

The images are nice. They look upscale, and I think they would be even better if you added more context. Perhaps you could add “before” photos and make these “after” to show the transformation.

If you need help, feel free to reach out. Best of luck.