Help! I am seriously lacking conversions and need your help and ideas. Please check out my page I'm really new to landing pages


I have had 0 conversions on my landing page and would love any input. I’m new to the system and landing pages and any suggestions would be great. 


Hi Matt, 
Welcome to the Unbounce Community! I think a great start would be to give us an understanding of your landing page, product/service, desired action and ultimately source of traffic.

What do your ads look like? Where can we see your landing page? What kind of traffic are you driving to these pages? 

Give us a good start and I’m sure the Community will chime in and help out. :) 


Hey Matt,
Hope you are doing well and don’t lose hope.  Everything worthwhile takes time.  
The good news is that there are plenty of people that can help you here.  I’d recomend sharing the URL’s of a landing page or 2 and the context of the traffic being driven the page.
Best regards,


Beat me to the punch by a few seconds ;) 
MATT - Justin is the man and knows his stuff.  You are in good hands! 


I have added the landing page now as I didn’t know whether the description was the main section or not when I first used it. So hopefully you can see this now? 
I am working for a client who sells photocopiers. Really finding it tough as the CPC cost is high, competition is high and struggling to convert the traffic. 
The desired action is to have them fill in a the contact form and request a quote. 
At present its google CPC traffic. 
I do have a variant but not sure how to share this URL?


Login to your unbounce account, navigate to your unbounce page, on the top you will see “change URL”, right next to this button is your page URL.

Also, do you see an option to Publish or Republish your unbounce page on the top right.


Still not seeing the landing page.


Sorry for that. I did edit the original post with it but it doesn’t appear to be showing. Anyways, please see link below -


Can you Dropbox a link of your ads? How much traffic are you pushing? Are you able to A/B test?

Without knowing much about your traffic source or the add itself, I would normalize fonts and use a color scheme to make the page seem more credible. If you need some help, I have very affordable consulting rates.



If you’d like some advance help, feel free to fill out this form:


Hi Matt,
This might be obvious, but just to make sure, in the goals tab, do you have everything youre measuring as a conversion checked off?