HELP: how to install and test google adwords conversion tracking with GTM?


so I have a wordpress website

I’m using unbounce for LPs for google adwords

People who click on the ad and go to unbounce landing page may either submit form or call number directly
leave the page and revisit the main website URL and do those actions

I want to track those 2 conversions from google adwords- phone calls and form submits

Plan is to install Google Tag Manager on both website and unbounce LPs
have phone and form adwords conversions in the GTM tag

Would this plan work for what I want to do - tracking conversions on both main website and unbounce LP?
open to other easier suggestions

  • I dont want to use GA cos of reporting lag

How do we test and install google call forwarding codes on unbounce LP?

How do we test and install GTM on unbounce pages especially:
a/ there is no thank you URL redirect that i’m aware of
b/ GTM has now 2 code snippets - head AND body

Thanks for your help!