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I’m a digital marketer by trade and by passion. My role over the years has transitioned from traditional marketing and communications to web development to digital marketing and most recently, into data analytics. The Ubounce blog has been extremely helpful in educating me on topics ranging from principles of testing and strategy to user experience and design.

Looking forward to the conversation!


Hey Joshua, 

Welcome to the Unbounce community. It’s a great place to learn and ask questions if you ever get stuck with a landing page your are building. 

There are lots of helpful threads and the community here is awesome at finding answers to new challenges. 

You’ve mentioned transitioning from traditional marketing to data analytics.
What would you say was/is the hardest thing about a transition like that?

Looking forward to seeing your input around the community.



Hey Hristian:

Although this transition has taken place over the last 12 years, the most important distinction has been in regards to establishing clear objectives with tangible metrics and hypotheses. 

At first, this was a struggle, as this was not a step regularly performed during the strategy and research phase of campaign development. At best it was a something considered towards the end of an on-going campaign to determine its effectiveness. As you can imagine, it was difficult arriving at a conclusion, because the goal was never clearly defined. 

Subsequently, the metrics and the corresponding data points and collection methods were often missing or improperly executed, which led to a lot of head scratching and desk thumping at reporting time. 

In contrast, data analytics’ begins with the end in mind, or at least it should ;).  And when developing campaigns and/or data analysis projects, they start with a series of questions to help structure the program, so that the result upon completion is properly framed; for good or bad!



Hi Joshua, welcome to the forums! Data analytics is a fascinating field. Do you currently use Unbounce for your work?