Hello! We're recruiting for User Research participants! 👩‍🔬

Hey Community! Alyssa from Unbounce here :wave:

Our UX team is doing some user interviews this week October 8-9 and we have two more spots open for current Unbounce customers!

We are specifically looking for two Unbounce customers who fit the following criteria:

  • A marketer in an in-house marketing team (no agencies at this time) at a Ecommerce or SaaS company
  • You’re a user (Author, Admin or Owner) on a current paid Unbounce account
  • less than 50 people in your company
  • Based in North America

The session will last approximately 50-60 minutes, and we are offering a $50 Amazon gift card in exchange for your time :money_with_wings:

If you’re interested in participating and have some availability between October 8-9 let me know! Either comment on this post or send me a direct message.

As spaces are limited we’ll be closing the comments once we have reached that number!

Thank you!

I’d love to be a participant.

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Hey Alyssa,

I would be interested. I have a new startup ecommerce company called Parlor Games. I’ve been using UB for coming up on 2 years I think.

Let me know if you still need someone…


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Hi Alyssa
I’m available on oct 9th!
Let me know the details

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Hi there! I’d love to be a part of this.

My background is in UX/UI but I’ve been doing a lot of marketing/graphic design this year. I’m currently on a marketing team for a SaaS (Hcareers) using Unbounce.

I’m a user, our company is less than 50 people and we’re based in North America.



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Hi Alyssa!

I’m a current paid user and work for an ecommerce company, and should be available both days, although Thursday is preferable, if possible!

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I’m available. I do in house marketing for a SaaS company with 35 employees and am the owner of the unbounce account.

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Hi Alyssa,

I would love to participate in your user research!

I have been an Unbounce Enterprise client for the last few years and manage the design team here at our company. I look forward to hearing from you!



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Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for all your interest! I’m going to close this post to comments for now as I work through each of the replies I currently have :slight_smile:

Don’t worry if you don’t get a spot this time around, we’ll be doing lots of these in the future!

I am available and would love to help! Let me know what you need on my end.

I run e-commerce at Tusk (D2C leather goods brand).



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Alyssa, I easily fit all the criteria. Would love to take part in an interview. Don’t even have to pay me!

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