Hello! We're recruiting for User Research participants - AGAIN! 👩‍🔬

Hey Community! Alyssa from Unbounce here :wave:

Our UX team is at it again and want to hear your experiences! We have a maximum of 4 spots available for current Unbounce customers that have not used our Smart Traffic feature before.

Who you are:
:+1: A marketer in an in-house marketing team at an Ecommerce or SaaS company preferably
(we do have space for one agency participant so still reply and let me know if you’re interested! Just state you are agency in the reply)
:+1: You’re a user (Author, Admin or Owner) on a current paid Unbounce account (excluding Launch and assisted plans)
:+1: Less than 50 people in your company
:+1: Based in North America

What you’ll need to qualify:
:+1: A landing page built in Unbounce (that is not using Unbounce External Conversion Tracking)
:+1: Ideally 500+ visitors per month actively driven to this page
:+1: A willingness to create and test a variant on that page (if you are not doing so already)
:+1: A willingness to try and use our Smart Traffic feature* (here’s some documentation for reference)
*:thinking: if you are on an older plan (Starter, Pro99, Pro199) we’ll give you access to Smart Traffic for 1 month (Until December 17th)

What we’ll need you to commit to:
:+1: One hour to chat with us 16-18 November (we’ll tell you all the finer deets during this)
:+1: 5ish minutes to fill out a wee questionnaire at least 4x between 19th Nov - 4th December (in-app, so while you are already logged into Unbounce)

And that’s it! If you think you are able to commit to and complete all of those things you will get up to $100 in Amazon gift cards :money_mouth_face:

If you are interested in helping us out and can commit to the requirements, please just hit reply and let me know and I’ll be in touch with you with next steps!

I’ll be replying on a first in first served basis - but don’t get discouraged if you aren’t in the first four - we might still have something for you! I will be closing the comments after we have filled all of the spots.

Thank you and looking forward to chatting,

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Happy to help!




Hey there, I’m interested!


HI Alyssa,

Sounds good! Digital Agency in Montreal(Quebec).

Not sure about traffic for one page but we have a lot of pages that could be optimised…

Michel L


Hi, I’m everything you need except for the part of being based on the North America. Any chance for me?


i’m in ! :v:
From SciData Argetina

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Hi, Alyssa - I’d love to help!

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Hi Guy!

Thank you so much for your reply and interest - it means a lot to me!
Unfortunately for this study it is just for North America, but we do have studies happen that don’t have that specific requirement so there is definitely hope to get you in for the future :slight_smile:

If you want to DM me your Unbounce email login, I can mark you in our system as keen to provide feedback for future rounds!
Thanks again so much!

I’d be interested in participating!

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I’d love to. Everything else works. I’d test one of my clients that has a page right now that would be a great test.

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I messaged you - I am interested.

I’m in the SaaS space - just launched…and I meet all the criteria.

Would love to be involoved…


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Hi Alyssa,

I’m an in-house marketer and use Unbounce for all our paid campaign landing pages.
I’m happy to participate.

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Hi Alyssa,

I could make this work at Territory if you’re still sourcing participants.


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Only launched a test with smart traffic yesterday on a minimal traffic page, but very happy to test it on a larger scale! We definitely have pages with way more than 500 visitors per month.

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Hi @mghn!
I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:

Hi @tasha!
I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:

Hi @jesseb.jones!
I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:

I’ve sent a DM to everyone that has replied so far if you want to check your messages :slight_smile:
cc: @Michel_Laurier, @James_Kim, @Josh_Aston, @webdeveloper, @Nevin_Jethmalani, @My_Private_Circle @GregorySR

Thanks everyone for all the replies and interest! SO :raised_hands: AMAZING :raised_hands:
I wish I could speak to all of you :heart: