Hello! I need put more than one form box in my landing


Hello! I wonder how I can put more than one form box on a landing. It is the same form of cash, but scattered along the landing several times. Do understand me?

box form
box form (copy)


Hey Marco! With our built-in form feature, you’re only able to have one form per landing page. We created Unbounce this way because it’s in line with landing page best practices: specifically, to keep it simple and direct. Having a single form (one very focused call to action) has been shown to lead to a better conversion score as opposed to having multiple forms. That said, you could explore 3rd party form providers such as Wufoo or 123ContactForm to achieve this, and then have one Unbounce form, plus one 3rd party form on your Unbounce landing page. 

 Another option to consider, Marco, if you’re comfortable adding a bit of Javascript to your page, would be to add smooth scrolling on your page, instead of an extra form. You can add anchor buttons with additional CTAs (ex. “sign up now!” or “send me my free ebook!”) on your page, then push the user back up to your main form using a nice smooth scrolling effect. For more information about adding smooth scrolling, check out this support article here: http://documentation.unbounce.com/hc/en-us/articles/203805714?_ga=1.160086581.941108704.1441381899#c… Hope this helps! 


Now how do I track that link click as a goal? It doesnt show up as an option under goals