Height of the section


Hello, community.

I work with multiple landing pages, each landing page has a widget on javascript (it’s an embedded calendar), that calendar shows some dates and has a button that shows more dates (toggle action), I have a problem with the height of the sections: the height of the sections isn’t resized depending on the height of the content when it shows more dates, is there any way that the section can resize the height?

Here and example, in the section “Agenda tu cita en línea” and the toggle button is “Horario completo” https://draerikafernandez.bpublic.mx/

Thank you!



I’m sort of guessing here. But it might be that your custom code inserted in the page is also an iFrame. So that iFrame will always open on top of anything on the parent page.

Maybe just make the section larger to anticipate the additional space as needed?


We had a similar issue with a 3rd party form that we embedded onto an Unbounce page. When people left certain required fields blank, and hit Submit, it would create error messages above each empty field, and this would increase the height of the entire embedded form. It would then get cut ff at the bottom.

We engaged with a developer to create a custom script that would adjust the height of the iframe (and the section it is within) whenever the error messages appeared. It works great now.

So you can probably get something similar done for your page, but it would require working with a developer, as it would be a very specific/custom solution.