Header Links Dropdown


Is there a way to create a links section at the top with dropdown sections?

It doesnt need to “stick”, just have the dropdown capibility. 

Example: http://www.acc.com/education/am15/


Hi Katy!
It’s definitely possible to create this, but it will take some knowledge in HTML/CSS to get it up and running. Here’s a few examples: 

More importantly though, can you let me know exactly why you’re looking to add these dropdown menus? Generally, landing pages should aim to have as little outward links as possible to keep the user engaged in the content, and focused on the action at hand.

Check out this blog article, specifically the part about attention ratio, for more details:


I can’t vouch for Katy, but I can tell you why I am looking for this functionality:
Simply because I don’t want a landing page. I am building a homepage and I have cluttered up the header of my page with to many, but all necessary, links to other parts of my website.

Unbounce has a really great page builder and is just nice to use so I prefer it over other web site builders. Im sure there are some other people who are in the same position and I think it would be really cool if the Unbounce team took a moment to realize that people use the builder for more than just landing pages, and then took some kind of action based off of that. I don’t know what kind of action, but when looking around the forums, I see lots of “Unbounce doesn’t support that feature because it is not beneficial to landing pages.”

I just think it would be cool if you guys branched out a little. 


I couldn’t agree more. I don’t need a wordpress site. If unbounce had page menus, I would do everything here.