Has anyone used zopim with unbounce?


Zopim allows you to have chats on your site. you can check it out https://www.zopim.com/

has anyone tried integrating it in unbounce?


Hey Ariel - Zopim isn’t an Unbounce partner, but I took a look at their documentation and you should be able to embed their script in the Unbounce landing page builder with the JavaScript button.

We use Olark for live chat, an official Unbounce partner, and the setup should be almost identical to what you’d see here.

If anyone else has tried integrating Zopim with Unbounce, please share with Ariel!


I use zoipim, and it’s simple as it is : perfect !


Thanks for the feedback, Maxime! Was it difficult to embed on your page? Seems fairly straightforward, but if there was any challenges I’d love to hear how you got through them. 


Very easy to do it and working well. Every parameter like box name is managed on the account, so no need to touch the code !