Has anyone tried creating a poll in an Unbounce landing page?


I want to add questions to my form that will tally the results of a specific question as a poll on the landing page. If anyone has successfully done this please share how (Manually coded into the page or using a 3rd party service)


Hi there - you could definitely manually code something, but you’ll need somewhere to store your actual poll results.

You could use an Unbounce form and just put your poll question and nothing else on there. Unbounce wouldn’t tally the results automatically, but since you can export those results as a .csv, you could tally them up pretty easily in Excel/Google Sheets.

If you need the results to be displayed publicly as well, there are a bunch of 3rd party apps that should work. I’ve used Wufoo and 123ContactForms myself, but any service that lets you embed the poll should work–Unbounce’s custom HTML element will let you drop pretty much any embed on your page (and if you are curious if something specific will work, just shoot us an email at support@unbounce.com with either your code or a sample and we should be able to tell you if there will be any issues).


do you know where I can find the code? Not dope enough to come up with the entire code myself lol


no - no - no


Hi Kelly & Benzlerd, 

I’ve tested a similar scenario for a page I was working on but never actually published the page. 

However, I was able to get it working. 

  • Use Zapier/Webhooks to publish your data to a Google Spreadsheet

  • Use formulas/formatting in the spreadsheet to do basic tally (ex. “A” got 15 votes, “B” got 55 votes, etc.)

  • Get the numbers you want to display on your page on a separate sheet (1 sheet for each number)

  • Insert an HTML element on your page to show your numbers

Now, the only downside is that Zapier/Unbounce updates every 15min. so the results are somewhat real-time. 

I hope this points you in the right direction. 

Let me know if you implement something similar as I would be interested in taking a look.