Has anyone managed to successfully integrate a friendbuy /or similar type referral campaign in an unbounce landing page?


I’m looking to create a referral campaign from my unbounce landing page. I initially tried to create one myself using URL utm trackers & custom link generators. I eventually succumed to using a paid plug-in ‘friendbuy’. I have everything setup for sharing but I am having trouble getting the conversion pixel to fire when my referrals reach the confirmation/submission page? If anyone has any ideas I would be very appreciative. My tracking HTML looks like this:


Hi Helen - I took a quick look at your referral test page and also the Friendbuy documentation and it looks like you have the basic code set up as per their instructions and it’s also being rendered out properly in the head of your page when I view the source of your page.

The Friendbuy instructions do say that you need to “Configure the JavaScript so that the appropriate data is passed to Friendbuy”. Have you customized your script?