Has anybody used Visitlead Live Chat on their site?


I am thinking of adding Live chat to my website and I found this new provider: Visitlead. It seems to come with great extra features. Has somebody tried it?


Hi Piper, 
Implementing live chat to increase customer engagement and conversion is a fantastic idea to test. To achieve this on our end, we’ve implemented Olark and have overall been very happy with the extra accessibility it gives our customers. One of the benefits is that it’s super easy to implement, and requires very little in the way of getting set up. We don’t have any information on Visitlead, but I assume the implementation would be similar to Olark. 

I’d be curious to hear others chime in on their experience with Livechat on landing pages, mainly around how it’s affected conversion rates and lead nurturing. Does anyone else have experience with implementing Olark/Visitlead? 


I’ve been trying both systems (also tried a few others) so far and both worked perfectly fine on my website.

My experiences are as following:
Olark is perfectly fine if you are looking for a simple chat solution for your website. It’s pretty and easy to use. But i think for professional On-Site Marketing it’s just not enough…

On the other hand, Visitlead.
What I like about Visitlead is that you are not limited to a single action (chat) to communicate with your visitors. It’s more like an all-in-one solution to guide your visitors, help them and interact with them. And it also has some really unique features. Check the video if you’re interested.

I think even in terms of pricing, Visitlead has the advantage…
It just offers a bunch more.

Regards, Sandra


Thanks for your input here, Sandra! We currently use Olark on our main Unbounce.com website, but we’re definitely going to take a look into Visitlead as well. Thanks for chiming in. :) 


Hey there, I know it’s been two weeks but I’m now testing this too on our website and I plan to also have a chat system in place for on our conversion pages.

I’m currently using Zopim from Zendesk but I plan to move to Intercom.

Now Intercom price might be higher but in my opinion it’s really worth it! Intercom has several plans but for conversions sake and if your product/service is complex you should go for the Aquire Packadge (BETA).

Now more than just a “Chat box” Intercom is a merge between CRM tool and a customer support system, trigger specific messages for specific users and use it to guide conversions in a proactive way.

Overall it’s a more powerful tool and I would invite Unbounce to give it a go :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Regards, Simao


Hey Simao,

I believe Unbounce currently uses Intercom for their own efforts so it has been on my radar :slight_smile: keep us posted on your experience with them.  I utilized a free live chat tool in the past that did not seem to work well for me so I have a muddled paradigm, but I need to try it again with a better tool.

May the conversions be ever in your favor,



Hi Joe,

In the support tab they use Olark don’t they?

Well it always depends on the product/service and how the target audience perceives your message.

I’m always in favour to test new chanels and so far I’m not regreting it. I will post some data and let you know in 30 days :wink:



It looks like they use it for chat, but Justin haven’t you all utilized Intercom? I may be going crazy :).  Sounds good, Simao!




Hi Joe, 
You’re absolutely right - we do _use Intercom for in-app messages, direct emails and most of our email campaigns. However, when it comes to live chat for support, we’re currently using Olark. :slight_smile:


Hi Justin,

I’m curious now, is there a specific reason why you  guys are using Olark and Intercom together?



I do love learning the logic behind marketing stacks :slight_smile: