Happy Howlidays from Unbounce 🎄🎁


It’s that time of year again! :snowman2:

Here at Unbounce, we’re getting ready to hunker down for the holidays to spend some quality time with our family and friends. If you haven’t already heard, 2016 has been a record breaking year at Unbounce and we’re all ready to pop a few bottles to celebrate and reflect on it all. But don’t worry! Your friendly Community team is going to be overlooking the forums throughout the break, and our entire team will be back in the office bright and early on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a video to prove how doggone serious we are:

Since our offices will be closed, we’ll be shutting down phone and chat support for the week. But if you need any kind of tech support over the holidays just shoot us an email at support@unbounce.com and one of our awesome Support coaches will get you sorted. :slight_smile:

###Unbounce 2016 Holiday Support Hours
December 24 - 8am - 6pm PST
December 25 - CLOSED
December 26 - 8am - 9pm PST
December 27 - 8am - 9pm PST
December 28 - 8am - 9pm PST
December 29 - 8am - 9pm PST
December 30 - 8am - 9pm PST
December 31 - 8am - 8pm PST
January 1 - CLOSED
January 2 - 9am - 9pm PST
January 3 - 5am - Midnight PST

Or, if you’re anything like @Justin and @Jess and have a hard time letting go of connecting with like-minded marketers around the globe, feel free to pop into the community at any time and chime into the forums! We’ll be monitoring the conversations and making sure nothing gathers dust over the holidays.

Lastly, we have a few final :gift:'s of wisdom lined up in the Marketing Strategy category next week, so be sure to subscribe to get the last few bits of Unbounce knowledge we have to share in 2016.

:christmas_tree: From all of us here at Unbounce, happy holidays, and thanks for making 2016 such a spectacular year! :snowman:


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Holiday is always interesting. Thank you guy!


Nice video. Enjoyed a lot to see it.