H1 with Dynamic Text Replacement

Some ads on google ads show me a bad quality score. I’m using dynamic text replacement on the H1 tag on my website, but when i inspect the page i see the H1 doestn’t have a reference.

Could you please telle me if Google takes in consideration the H1 tag when i have DTR activated ?

Hi everybody, i heard that google ads don’t like dynamic text replacement. So i decided to create a landing page for each keywork, so i can set the H1, H2 and H3 easily


That’s where we’ve seen our best results. DTR is great for the user, but good, old-fashioned individual landing pages and SKAGs has driven QS most consistently. The other plus is in testing and optimization – you have more wiggle room with your variants.

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ok great thank you.
Now for having a good quality score with google ads, do you suggest to have only 1 H1, 1 H2, 1 H3, 1H4, 1 H5, 1 H6 ? Or could i have by example 2 titles as H6, 3 titles as H5 ?

Hard and fast rule: Only one H1. That’s your headline/thesis statement.

Beyond that, keep them in order. They should flow down the page and intuitively with content importance. If you’re getting to H6, you’re pretty deep in there. We rarely get past H4.