Guys! I think we did it this time! Please have look!


Hey Unbouncers :slight_smile:

This is the result of two weeks of tweaking this website -

Please check it out and let me know if there is anything you would add, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Anyone? :slight_smile:


Hey! I didn’t see any of your previous designs, but really impressed! I can’t say one way or another, because it’s always better to test into, but have you A/B tested the size of your lead capture? I scrolled down without seeing it right away.


Todor, that is a mighty beautiful landing page. I’d love to see the results of your campaigns once it’s been running for a few weeks. Glad to see how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time!


I would make “Get Code” a little bigger probably, and also put in more contrast in that box. Some of the blues are too similar.

Aside from that, beautiful page and it looks like it would be effective.


Beautiful page!
I think you can get a huge boost with a couple of tweaks. I agree with the other writers, the CTA box should be in a different colour. The blue box blends in with the rest of the page.

More importantly, I think you’re headline is missing the most important part of your message. When I first looked, I assumed this was just another teeth whitener, no different than the Crest strips I’ve got at home. It wasn’t until I read the second paragraph under your team picture when I realized the true difference in your product.

Crest strips can’t be sold in Europe because of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide damages your enamel. Your product doesn’t have it! THAT’s what you should be leading with!

Most people won’t scroll all the way to read the fine print. By the look of your headline now, it seems like your only advantage over Crest is price. “$12.99” is what catches my eye, not the clear benefit of no peroxide. 

You clearly have a better product than others in the US market. I’d lead with that!


Hey Todor, visually appealing page.  One thing I noticed is that the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy look like buttons.  Might consider toning them down as light hhyperlinks that blend in so that they do not appear as a call to action.  Looking forward to hear how your campaigns goes!