GTM, Google Analytics, and tracking emails captured


I’m entirely new to Unbounce and pretty new to GTM, so thanks for your help!

I’ve searched old threads for these questions, but am not entirely sure I’m doing the right thing as GA and GTM UIs change : (

I’ve got a small little landing page live tomorrow. “Small” in a couple ways. First, there’s only an enter email button. Second, traffic - this isn’t a huge campaign. So there’s not a pressing need to master reporting via GTM and GA goals right now. (I see many hours next week reading Unbounce and online documentation!) It’s enough to eyeball traffic to the landing page in Analytics, and then check the number of emails capture in MailChimp.

But I’d love to move forward in the right way:

  • GA landing pages reporting
    To get a quick look at how many people hit my landing page, in GA, I’m looking at Behavior / Site Content / Landing Pages. In the last few hours I know I’ve loaded my landing page at least 20 times. But I’m only see 2 loads in GA. Is there just a delay? Or is this a sign that something’s wrong?

  • GA url
    In Behavior / Site Content / Landing Pages, I see my landing page url listed correctly once. But then I see a different version of the landing page url, with the letter “a” and dothtml added at end. (Sorry, as new poster, I’m only allowed to include 2 links in a post. So I can’t just paste the urls here.)

What’s up the second “a” version of the landing page, which I didn’t create?

  • Unbounce documentation on setting up event tracking via GTM

I found this, but not sure it links to any documentation:

I really appreciated a page entitled “How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics/2631” but I believe since I’m using GTM this does not apply? Again, sorry, not including the link as it’s not letting me, as a new user, incl multiple links in my post

Basically, if I have a GTM script set up with Unbounce, what else do I need to do in GTM to know if someone has clicked “enter my email”? Thank you!!