gtm.formSubmit event not firing upon form submit

Hi All,
I’ve recently found that gtm.formSubmit events in Google Tag Manager are not firing. The following pages do not fire gtm.formSubmit events upon form submit. I’ve attached the debug mode for one of these pages which shows the click events recording by no gtm.FormSubmit. Strangely some of these pages are not even showing click events while I have others that are firing gtm.formSubmit events with no issue. Defies all logic.

Please help!

For anyone interested the solution appears to be as follows;

Do not follow the instructions provided here which advise to create a custom event. These are out of date.

Make sure that you use the prebuilt “From Submission” trigger within GTM. The Form Submit event will not fire unless you have used this.

Hey @Sam_McEwin! Sorry about the delay getting an answer on this post. We are working on updating our documentation but since we have updated the code on our script manager to add GTM and GA, you should be able to track events on GTM by just using the Form Submission trigger on GTM. No need to use the gtm.formSubmit anymore.

Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s the same thing though. The form submission trigger “listens” for the gtm.formsubmit event. So same same.