Growth audits? Do you do them? How important are they?


I’ve done several, and gotta say that it’s the number one thing that has helped me drive growth.

For those that don’t know, Growth Audit will clarify the best areas to spend your money and/or your time. It will give you a playbook to ensure an ROI-driven strategy - the foundation of profitable marketing experimentation and optimization.

  • Defends against wasting resources and time
  • Highlights the highest priority actions needed
  • Increases strategy success rate and ROI

If you’re thinking “shit, I should probably do my own growth audit” - good! Here’s a guide that’ll walk you through how to actually do it.

NOTE: It’s a hefty step-by-step guide that walks you through the exact process my team and I use for 100s of companies to figure out the most impactful marketing experiments to launch.