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Boys and Girls at Unbonce are phenomenal in terms of updates and support. Look at what they just did making responsive all templates. And it is even easy to start a responsive page from scratch. Why don’t we give them some new challanges? Unbounce plattform can be taken beyond the limits of Landing pages. It would be nice to have a section in the Community forum where users may submitt suggestion about web elements that can be created with Unbounce that are not properly Landing pages. I already asked to make the plattform suitable to create Microsites. Another idea would be to use Unbounce to create online catalogues. A single page can contain s simple range of 20 or 30 skus but with subpages more subcategories may be added. What do you think?


Hi Gian,

I think that this is a really interesting conversation to have.

Although microsites are not currently on our development roadmap, the more we know about the market need, the better we are at assessing it as a potential future project. For example;

Are there particular products or services that would make best use of microsites?
How would you define “microsite” 2-5 pages, 5-10?
What common navigation elements would be required?
Is e-commerce integration a must?


Hello Paul and thanks for coming back to me about my suggestion.

I envision a simple structure, definitely no more than 5 pages otherwise it is not a microsite anymore. What do you mean with ‘common navigation elements’?
I would stay away from e-commerce because I know it becomes expensive and difficult to integrate it even in sites built with Joomla, Wordpress, etc. Microsites would be required by microCompanies so these small Companies can use Shoppify or similar Platform if they wish to sell online. When I mentioned ‘catalogues’ I was thinking at a more advanced way to show products than a interactive pdf. I also believe that online catalogues ( again for small Companies) would be a fenomenal sales tools for Sales Reps when they visit a Customer since they would just need to switch on a tablet and present their products quickly. I have been in sales for more than 30 years and I knw that a Client would give you just a few minutes of attention. If you can create the right engagement in such period then you would end with a successfull sale. By the way, we do produce sort of online catalogues but using Joomla. I can send you links if you wish



Hi Gian,

By common navigation elements, I’m really talking about menus, breadcrumbs or ways to move between the pages of a microsite. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to get to the page you need or being unable to get back to where you were.

If you have links, please share them! Real world examples are a really good way to see how people are actually using this as an engagement tool.


Hi Gian,

Looks like a glitch caused my last comment to be attributed to someone else. Sorry if that caused any confusion on your end!


Hi Paul

Please look at: http://tenutamonterosola.italyfinewin… We built this with a joomla parallax template. The Menu bar stays Always on top and when you click on of one item the page scrolls up and down. It is a nice way of scrolling-telling a story. Jade told me that this can be done with Unbounce but knowledge of JS and CSS is required. We also included a catalogue section. Just go the the ‘Products’ section and click on any wine label. You will be taken to a tech sheet. We had to do this in html. It has limited graphic features and it takes a long time to build each tech sheet.
If Unbounce can give us these options on the Platform without using JS and CSS I believe applications may be endless for small Businesses…