Greater advantages over Wix?

Hello, excellent day everyone.

Currently I only manage FB page, but we already want to use a website builder, I have read some posts and although Unbounce does not appear much, some designer friends have spoken very well to us.

Even so, we are between your platform and Wix, so what advantages do you offer?

Thank you very much and best regards. :slight_smile:

Hey @rodrigomorales,

If you don’t have a website, pick a website builder and start by building out your online presence first.

When the time comes and you need dedicated landing pages Unbounce is your best option.
Although, you can build a full blown website from scratch through Unbounce, that’s not the intended purpose of the tool.

If you can direct well targeted traffic (ads, email, social, etc.) that’s when Unbounce can shine and help you build, implement and optimize landing pages for that traffic.


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Hi @rodrigomorales

I agree with @Hristian and I want to make another point when choosing a website builder, because I don’t suggest using Wix.

The code in the backend is not the best and historically I have helped clients move away from Wix because of poor SEO and sitelink stuff. Of course, it can all be easily customized but I recommend using Squarespace because it’s basically the same price as Wix and its backend is much better.


Hey Rodrigo,

I’ve used Wix before and as mentioned by the previous posts, the main purpose of this WYSIWIG is to built websites. If you are looking to build really good landing pages, then Unbounce is your solution.


  • You can build pages quickly
  • You can use Smart Traffic to see what works better with your customers
  • You can build AMP pages to improve user experience on mobile.

Wix is an Ok solution for building website as it allows you to create a site with little effort. However, it does have the limitations mentioned but the post above.

Unbounce offers free 14-day-trial so I suggest you signup for an account and take it for a test drive.

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