Great System BUT


Great Idea, Tough Adoption, I would target agencies with this as most companies / end users do not have any knowledge on how optimizing landing pages and actually setting up the entire process to actually work, PPC + Landing Pages is a very difficult task, other than that, the app is beautiful and I love it :slight_smile:


Hi Sam - thank you for the comment - glad you like the app! We agree that agencies would be a great adoption channel for us.


Yes, I am actually a PPC + SEO + Landing Page person so I know a lot about the subject. The system is really nice and sexy, may be include the following:

  1. “industry” related templates.

  2. A services directory, where PPC / Landing page and Designer consultants can offer their services, than you can charge a monthly fee to be in that directory or take a %. Have them leverage your tools + their skills to please the customer.

I am sure you know, the average Joe will not be able to put all the pieces together.



Fantastic input Sam - thanks a million - really like the ideas. When you say “industry” related templates" what verticals would be the best ones to tackle first do you think?

  1. Real Estate is HUGE! Especially now with Loan Modifications and so on. So you can target agents. Believe it or not, most are really adapting technology quickly.

  2. Insurance is always good for agents, but most of them are really behind on tech.

a few other more, Let me know if you need more suggestions, I have built a few hundred landing pages in the last couple years and manage a bunch of medium - high end ppc accounts.


Hey Sam, I realize this thread is a couple of years old but I just want to let you know that we’ve rolled out a batch of shiny new features to accomodate multiple users and multiple sub-accounts (clients). Check out our landing page with a couple of videos to see what we’ve launched:

Enjoy, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback!