Great Demo/Consult Page Examples for Big Blog

I am working on a blog for a (ahem) certain large publication and I would love to get this community involved. I am looking for examples of great demo or consult page that sells the value of the demo or consult. For example, not focusing on the product or service itself but the value to the end user of attending the demo or consult.

  • Adam
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Adam, this may shock you, but I’m going to use an example from Unbounce :scream:

@Joel_McDonald helped put this LP together recently to promote the Kickstart Program that he runs. It does a great job at focussing on the ROI (From Unbounce Newbie to Power User in as Little as Half an Hour). It goes over what’s included, has a Calendly widget to book the demo right on the page, and testimonials from other customers.

He might be able to speak to it more than I can, but as far as I know it’s performing very well so far. I duplicated the page so that it doesn’t mess with his stats, here’s a link to see the full page.

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This is really nice! Thanks and I can see why it has a really high conversion rate. Clean, clear and tells the user exactly what they get!

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