Gotowebinar integration


Guys, any idea when we can have a Gotowebinar integration? I know I can use Zapier to pull this off at the moment but a native integration would be much appreciated!


Hi Yamini, 

Thank you for reaching out. This year we have focused on ramping up our efforts to develop more 3rd party integrations. We launched a Marketo integration in April and have a Wordpress integration well underway. Part of what helped us ramp up, was creating a dedicated team to focus on our API and Integration development. We currently have a list of integrations that we want to offer and GoToWebinar is definitely one of them!

As you mentioned, currently you can integrate Unbounce and GoToWebiar with Zapier which will create a new GoToWebiar event registrant upon form submission. You can also use Unbounce as a click thru page and have the registration take place within GotoWebinar. 

Can you provide me with a bit more details on what you would like to see in this integration? How you would like to use it? If others in the community also feel that a GoToWebinar integration would make their lives easier, please chime in and +1 the idea above!

Have a great day!



Hi Meagan, it’s been 11 months. Will the GTW integration ever happen?