Got a tip? How about a script?


Hey guys!

As you may know, we’ve got a section in our Community called Tips and Scripts – it allows you to basically hack your way into oblivion with scripts that you can use to further customize your landing page.

Some of it is provided by our badass team of code wizards here at Unbounce, but maybe you (yes, you) have come up with a script that allowed you to add some functionality to your site that wasn’t already in the page builder. You’re all so crafty, so I thought I’d give this opportunity to see if anyone here wants to share some of their ideas.

Feel free to chime into this thread if you want to share some of your awesome ideas, we’ll do some troubleshooting, and if it’s super legit then we’ll add it to our official list of Tips & Scripts (and who knows, maybe there will be some free swag in it for you, I dunno).

Thanks for keeping our Community so awesome!