Google Webmaster Verification


I cant seem to be able to verify ownership of the subdomain I am using for my Unbounce landing pages. I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has been able to do this.




Hi Bob! There are multiple methods you could use to verify your domain ownership. Two that would work include:

  1. Via DNS entries (explained in…)
  2. Via the Meta tag method (explained in…)

Now, it might not be obvious, but you *can* add a meta tag to your Unbounce page using our scripts tool. Instead of pasting in script, just paste in the full meta tag, and select that you want the tag placed in the document head.

Hope that helps!


Hi Carl

What I didn’t realize is that for my purpose, which was to set up Google Product Ads, I could just verify the root domain. I didnt have verify the subdomain Im using with you guys. So I just did that.

The way I could have used the meta tag method on the subdomain, if I understand correctly, would be to create a landing page and in essence not name. So if the sub domain is I leave the new page name equal to that. Then I use the scripts tool to add the meta tag to head section of the landing page.\

thanks for your reply



Hey Bob, glad to hear that you managed to get it solved! And yes, you could verify a subdomain that way…