Google tag manager shows error due to iframe


The link to my evenbrite page is in a iframe and the tag that shows up on the tag manager says there’s likely to be an error in tracking because of this.

Tag is included in an iFrame. Ensure data is being collected as expected.
We have detected that the Google Analytics tag is included in an iFrame rather than being placed on the page source code itself.
While data may still report to your Google Analytics account. You’ll want to ensure that the tag is executing the _utm.gif request as expected.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Hey Shrav!

If you have GTM on Eventbrite, then that’s not something that we have a lot of insight into on our end, since Unbounce just loads what the iFrame loads.

It sounds like you might have more luck by reaching out to our Support team (, they’re brilliant and they can take a closer look into what’s going on in your account. This sort of situation usually requires access to your account, and that’s something we can’t do here on a public form.

Keep me posted if you find a solution!