Google tag manager conflict with form submit


Hi folks@unbounce,

we have a problem concerning google tag manager: when the GTM script is included in a landing page, we got some unwanted behavior happening on hitting enter after filling out the form. Instead of showing the confirmation screen and processing the data, the site gets reloaded, deleting the form data and submitting nothing…

Is there anything we can do in this case?



How are you using GTM? Are you using a Form Submit listener to trigger conversion tracking on the form?

I use GTM, and had similar issues with that setup originally. So I just switched it to triggering the conversion tracking within the confirmation popup itself, rather than relying on the Form Submit listener event. It works flawlessly under this configuration.


Thanks for your advice, but in our setup, we just implement the gtm block in the landing page as well as in the confirmation screen (of course different settings there for conversion). Some other services are bound to gtm, so we need it in both pages.


Hi all,

With Google Tag Manager issues we usually find that the problem is actually arising from one of the scripts (or tags) that GTM is being used to include.

In this case, we identified with Alex that it’s Olark chat widget. We’ve seen customers experience this before Ð for some reason, Olark interferes with the enter key handler on all forms on the page. It ends up reloading the page before Unbounce has had a chance to store the lead data and perform the form confirmation action.

Sadly we don’t have a fix at the moment other than to remove the Olark script from your pages that use forms. We’re going to look into this though Ð and I’ll reply here when we have an update.

As an aside, if anyone is interested in the implications of using GTM events (, gtm.formSubmit, etc) with Unbounce, check out my reply here.